ADAA+F is an architecture studio active in the field for more than 25 years.
The studio is involved not only in traditional studio work but also in teaching, research, competition participation as well as collaborative and interdisciplinary work. As an intergenerational team, the studio is able to keep up-to-date with techonological innovations.

Our team's professional activity develops as an integral component of a working group that incorporates the technical areas inherent to the discipline, as well as the exchange with the final user and experts from other disciplinary areas. We are interested in urban design aspects as well as the architectural field.

We offer institutions and individuals insight into actionable policies regarding infrastructure in the medium and long term, while supporting the development of investment projects. We are able both to take your SDs to CDs or upgrade your construction documents through BIMs

Our work stands out for its collaboration with both national and international institutions, and its wealth of knowledge and expertise in construction, documentation, and management.



Arch. Inés Artecona

Arch. Hugo Dutiné

Arch. Gabriel Falkenstein



 Arch. Inés Dutiné

Arch. Florencia Mastropierro

B. Arch. Martín Bastreri






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